I prefer to use vintage and antique found objects in my work. I also choose materials that will last a long time, such as: metals, ceramics, leathers, paint and wood. I enjoy using treasures with a history; a story, and a special patina to each piece.  I consider the history of the found pieces part of the "HEARTBEAT" of each character I make.   ​​

​Take a look at my art closely to see what I have used to bring my creation alive.  Perhaps you have thrown something away I have used?


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​​​​​​​​​In the visual arts, "ASSEMBLAGE" is an artistic process that consists of making 3D or 2D compositions by putting together found objects.

​​Though the term was not in use until the 1950s, the origin of the artistic practice dates to the early 20th century Avant-garde movements that sought to challenge traditional artistic media.

I will be forever grateful to Braque, Jean Dubuffet, Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, and Joseph Cornell for their brilliant work and breaking through the barriers of acceptability for us to use found objects in "fine" art.

Lauretta Lowell

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